Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The joys of a Democrat-controlled government

This article (http://www.workforce.com/section/00/article/25/83/58.php) describes one of the joyous tax changes that liberals in the House hope to implement when America finally gets its act together and votes Democrat across the board on election day.

I'll summarize for those of you who won't click on the link:
1) No more voluntary, tax-deferred, 401k accounts backed by the stock market
2) Instead, you MUST put 5% of your money into a Social Security-controlled savings account
3) Which will earn 3%, inflation-adjusted, rain or shine. That's less than half of what you'll earn with the stock market.

I can see the new Democrat bumper stickers now - Democrats: Spreading mediocrity equally!

But no worries - I'm sure President Obama would veto any attempts to restrict your freedom to do what you want with your money.