Friday, October 31, 2008

Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Governor Palin,

You said recently that should His All-mitey Barack Obama fall over the finish line in first place on Tuesday, you're not going to just disappear into bolivian, as Mike Tyson would say. No, you're going to stay and fight.

Well, good for you, Guv'na. My question is, whom are you going to fight? The socialist, peacenik tree huggers on the left whose full possession of two of the three branches gives them the power to treat America as their experimental social playground? The aisle-crossing, wide-stanced, bend-over-backwards-and-forwards appeasing moderates who run the GOP? How about MSCNNBC, the Obama official news agency? Or the Chris Buckley/Peggy Noonan punditocrats who loved McCain until he picked you? All of the above?

Governor Palin, you're surrounded. But not alone. Those of us who admire you for your policies and determination number in the millions. We, the disillusioned conservative base of the Party of Lincoln stand with you. The trouble is we are realizing that we're standing in a big stinky political cowpie called the Republican Party, and we'd like to hose it off our shoes and start over. But we need a leader. Care to join us?

PS - Bring Mike Pence with you.