Sunday, October 26, 2008

Re: Obama Tax Cuts

If 44% of americans don't make enough to pay taxes, how can they get a tax cut? If you don't pay taxes, how can you lower what you pay? Nice job by the Obama campaign to issue welfare checks via the IRS...

I heard a great analogy for this on the radio:

Suppose you are in school. You get 100% on your test. Unfortunately, litte Johnny did not do well enough to pass. No worries, the teacher will take 20% from you and give it to Johnny so he can pass too. is your motivation to try harder? If you don't try, you will still pass. If you do try, some of what you earned will be taken away...Socialism at its finest.

Socialism scared people out of Cuba...and that was before it turned into Communism.

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BIG DOG said...

Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. IRS Tax Forgiveness