Friday, October 31, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Obama will fail as President

We're jumping the gun a bit here at RWR, but thought it would be fun to pontificate an Obama presidency. Or lack thereof. With that, we present the Top Five Reasons the Obama Presidency will Fail:

5) He refused Barney Frank's persistent requests for a date.

4) He admitted to a typo in his tax plan that shows he's really raising taxes on everyone making a combined household income of 250,000 yen.

3) He commissioned statues of himself to be built in all 57 states he visited during the Campaign.

2) He failed to wrestle unilateral control of the Republic away from Chancellor Palpatine thanks to that idiot Skywalker.

1) He'll tearfully admit his long-time associations with Rev. Billy Graham, who convinced a single mother-to-be to not abort her baby when Obama was only eight years old.