Wednesday, November 5, 2008

American Identity

In the coming days, weeks, and months, there will be a great amount of chatter about the political leaning of America, having just elected a guy whose acceptance speech was 1 part Reagan, 1 part Marx (not the Brothers variety), and 2 parts Bob The Builder ("Yes We Can!"). Are we center-left? Center-right?

At the moment, I'd say we haven't Changed, to borrow a term. After electing a guy with credentials approaching absolute zero on the mantra of Hope and Change when he'd failed to demonstrate any actual ability to deliver Hope or Change in his 2 years in the Senate, we also passed several "far right" agendas, including a traditional marriage amendment in Florida, Arizona, and the People's Republic of California. How can this be?

My guess? Bipolar Disorder. We don't get enough Lithium in our diet. Not really. We are a country without a moral compass, enjoying the benefits of Judeo-Christian underpinnings instilled at our nation's birth, but having lost the knowledge of these values and why they are important - critical, actually - to the success of a country in which the people self-govern. We've lost the notion that self-government is actually a moral issue, so we pick our leaders without regard to those values. Voter referendums do not have a silky reassuring voice, nuance, or a Yes We Can attitude. They are a single issue vote, and overwhelmingly we vote consistent with our Judeo-Christian heritage. Only time will tell if God raises someone up to convince us of our need to govern consistent with the heritage He gave us.