Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cruel, Mean-Spirited, Immature, Unprofessional Jerks

That was Sarah Palin's bulls-eye summary of the vertebraically-challenged sissies in the McCain campaign. How long have we waited for a politician who will speak the raw truth? Well, I guess about 20 years, when Reagan waved goodbye to us in January 1989, and the left-center-right-center-can't-really-tell wing of the Republican Party regained its dominance after an 8 year haitus.

I agreed with Limbaugh back in the summer when he predicted the end of the Republican party if McCain won the presidency (or at least that was my interpretation). McCain picking Palin spells the end of the Republican party anyway, or at least there's a good chance of it. And I for one am glad. This party has no backbone. It didn't oppose its own leader in 1989 when Bush 41 reneged on his "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge. It cowered in the corner when Bush 43 was being assailed over the war in Iraq when they knew it was still the right thing to do. It bent over backwards (and forwards) when McCain and the Democrats wanted immigration amnesty. It took the people to show up with pitchforks and torches before they temporarily withdrew their legislation. This party never throws out a rebel for violating its core principles. It never, ever, ever stands up to the Democrat party who seeks the demise of all things conservative. The Democrats love to reach across the aisle when they find a limp wrist on the other side.

The Republican party has a backbone only when the backbone is conservative. Conservative stalwarts like Mike Pence were among the few who stood against the Wall Street bailout. Conservatives like Jeff Sessions were among the few who stood against the madness of amnesty. Ronald Reagan was assailed by his own party for calling the now-defunct evil empire Soviet Union an evil empire, but those same politicians never assail the opposition. Well, they do, it's just that Reagan was the opposition.

It is time for the NY-DC corridor wusses in the Republican party - those who hated Reagan, and now hate Sarah Palin - to go to the Democrat party where they belong. Go to where your real friends are, and leave the party of self-governance. Or we'll have to start one without you.