Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Polling Data Conclusions

Fact: Despite 10 million new registrations (in Chicago's South Side alone!), only a few million more people voted than in 2004, and that was probably only because of the nice weather around the country.
Conclusion: Despite all of the noise about ACORN signing up Mickey Mouse, Saddam Hussein, and Adolph Hitler, only Mickey Mouse voted.

Fact: About the same number of African-American and Hispanics voted as in 2004 (though Barack mysteriously got a larger percentage of both).
Conclusion: Barack inspired as many new black voters as did John Kerry.

Fact: Far more young whites and females (under 30) voted for Obama than for Kerry in 2004.
Conclusion: Obama reminds them of their glory days in high school.

Fact: A few million Republicans stayed home, and a couple million extra Democrats voted vs. 2004.
Conclusion: Two words: John McCain