Monday, November 10, 2008

Melissa Etheridge, Citizenship RIP

Musical sin-sation Melissa Etheridge announced that if she can't have gay marriage, then she's not going to pay her taxes anymore. "I'm not a full citizen," says the has-been singer turned has-been lesbian. At least she's putting her money where her mouth is. I'm just not sure where that money's been.

The Partial Citizen's refusal to abide by the law just because she failed to impose her morality on others is just one of several similar public expressions of whining by limp-wristed left wing celebrities who just can't understand why they aren't being worshipped over their enlightened, if not twisted, perverse, and anti-social, worldviews.

Madonna, Sean Penn, and every other former Madonna flagellist, er, husband, have also come out of the closet, so to speak, to protest this vicious decision by the unenlightened millions who decided that while Madonna could - one at a time, please - ruin the careers and lives of men via marriage, she certainly wasn't going to get away with doing that to females.

The NY Post reveals Britney Spears' disappointment at being the first to have her career re-ruined by Madonna.


Sahjo said...

Melissa needs to remember that she already has equal rights with all the rest of us!! She can get married just as anyone can. She just has to marry a man! The only reason our gov. endorses marraige at all is to encourage procreation, because it's good for the growth and health of any nation. What Melissa wants is special rights granted to her simply because she commits the most degrading and disgraceful sex act of all.

Sahjo said...

Indiana Jones, you're hilarious!!!