Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mobocracy: Cali Supreme Court to Hear Throw Out Prop 8

Members of the Sphincter Lobby took to the streets over the past week in typical third-world country fashion, yelling and screaming, beating up people and property, and generally showing themselves to be the lawless intolerant sodomites that they are, complaining that Proposition 8 is lawless and intolerant.

As a result, the rule of law is being thrown out the window, with the announcement that the California Supreme Court has decided to hear a case involving Prop 8. It seems that the proponents of same-sex sex believe that The People broke the law by approving Prop 8. Of course, had Prop 8 failed, they would be celebrating the power of The People.

So we stand at the precipice of anarchy, where the law is optional, truth and justice are defined by the mob, and following the rule of law is, well, illegal. As we'll soon see when the state supreme court knocks down Prop 8 based on its discriminatory language. Using this logic, we should throw out all laws since every law discriminates against someone one way or another. (The US Supreme Court will refuse to hear the case upon appeal.)

Once the state court has approved the Brown Ring of Marriage, the sex-before-eight-or-else-it's-too-late crowd will be next to claim that the law discriminates against them. In California, anything is possible.


truthseeker said...

I looked at the link you had to the man/boy love website. Dispicable!! It reminds of the people who told me they were voting for Obama because he is going to bring us together. "You'll see." It's like they live in an alternate universe and actually find followers. I don't get it.

truthseeker said...

I'm going to pray for a miracle - that they would not throw out Prop 8. Anything is possible in California.