Saturday, November 8, 2008

More (or Less) of the Same

The timeframe was early 1995, two years after Ross Perot elected Bill Clinton as president, after the left-lurching Clinton gave us Don't Ask Don't Tell and attempted HillaryCare, and a mere few weeks after America came to its senses and voted overwhelmingly conservative in the mid-terms. Newt Gingrich had just been chosen to be Leader of the newly-elected Republican majority in the House. In an early speech, he made a profound statement that started the Republican Revolution (which ended precisely 100 days later). The way I remember the statement was like this: We're not going to be more of the same, or less of the same - we're going in a different direction.

Which they did - for 100 days. Then they spent the next 12 years acting like liberals to get re-elected, posturing like liberals to get re-elected, pandering like liberals to get re-elected, spending money like liberals to get re-elected, expanding government like liberals to get re-elected, and violating the trust of those who put them there to get re-elected.

We had 100 days of true conservatism, of real Hope and Change, then we found ourselves growing the government at roughly the same pace as before. The Hebrews were banished by God to the desert for 40 years as punishment for their sins. How long will the GOP persist to act like liberals, and how long will America keep the GOP banished to the desert?