Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

There is no other country like the United States of America. Never before in history has a country acknowledged mankind's God-given freedoms as has the United States. We are the freest, most generous, and most prosperous country in the history of mankind. We've been through wars, both self-inflicted and others-inflicted, economic downturns, and natural disasters, and this country always manages to not only survive, but to succeed, in the face of these obstacles. The human spirit that is celebrated like no other country before always pulls America back on her feet when she is down, and drives her to new heights afterwards. When disaster strikes other nations, even our enemies, the people of this great nation rise up and assist those adversely affected.

And this night is truly historic, because our great country has elected, freely and without coercion, the most liberal President in our country's short history. President Obama offers the kind of Hope and Change that will dwarf FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society, should he get his policies enacted. The Hope of millions more African-American families being torn apart by government policies that promote single motherhood and punish adding a father to the mix (although adding a second mother might be okay). The Hope of millions more aborted babies, some even after they are born. The Hope of a new dawn in American Media where Eastern Europeans marvel at the similarity to TASS, the old Soviet mouthpiece and current Putin mouthpiece.

I fear that the Righteous Wind at his back will turn out to be yesterday's burrito that he ate at the Americanized Mexican restaurant in Des Moines where illegal immigrants are the cooks, Che Guevara posters hang behind the cash register, and Hope and Change are always present. Well, the Change that's in the cash register, anyway.

It isn't every day one witnesses the freest country in the history of the world choosing to go the route of a Eurosissy caretaker government, acquiescing even more of what was once the domain of the individual and the church to the government, desiring year after year of stagnant economic growth in exchange for guaranteed health insurance, protected mortgages, and "can't we all get along?" foreign policy.

But that's the beauty of our country. In four years, we get to decide if it was such a good idea after all.