Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarah Palin, Martyr

The leftstream media is having fun pretending that Sarah Palin is still running for VP, regurgitating bile from jealous insiders in McCain's former camp. I'm sure there's a nugget of truth to each story, but frankly this sordid scenario is more telling of the Republican Party leadership than of Sarah Palin. The party finally gets a strong, popular, conservative female on the ticket, and she gets derided, impugned, and has the deluxe leather-bound edition of the liberal playbook (e.g. "not very smart"), thrown at her - by her own party! Were she a moderate like Christie Todd Wittman, or maybe a slightly right-center Kay Bailey Hutchison, no amount of insider gore would have ever been exposed, no matter how they would have behaved. But the famous Maverick John McCain went out and got a fire-breathing, baby-pumping, young conservative siren that stole all of the interest, momentum, and money away from McCain, his Euro-centric policies, and his spineless sissified followers whose destinies are tied to them.

Would the guy who hacked into Sarah Palin's Yahoo account send this Open Letter to her?

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Sahjo said...

This is so true! Sarah's being slandered here and it's entirely because she is a Christian and upholds those values so strongly. The moderate wing of the Republican party better sit down and shut up because true Conservatives are tired of their pandering to the left.