Tuesday, December 9, 2008

George W. Bush: Bible "Probably Not" Literally True

From the "you gotta be kidding" files comes an interview by ABC's Nightline with President Bush, including the requisite interrogation of his religious beliefs. During the religious inquisition phase, Mr. Bush was asked if the Bible was 'literally true'. His answer: 'probably not'. Although he believes in the part in the New Testament about that God-sent-his-Son thing. Yeah, that's pretty cool, who wouldn't want to believe that?

He also echoed the commonly-held and completely illogical position that creation (a six 24-hour day series of unrepeatable supernatural events occurring about 6,000 years ago) and evolution (1 million, no, 1 billion, no wait, 4 billion, um, 10 billion, uh, 14 billion years of molecules-to-man, goo-to-zoo-to-you) are not incompatible. On the other hand, if the Bible isn't literally true, then there really isn't a six-day creation event to bother reconciling with the meandering belief system that is onomatopoetically called evolution.

But if Mr. Bush doesn't think the Bible is literally true, how can he think Jesus is literally true? How is it that the supernatural virgin birth event is literally true, but the supernatural creation event is not? If it's not true that it only took six days to create the universe as the Bible says, then how can the whole forgiveness-of-sins part be true as the Bible says?

What's really scary is that Mr. Obama probably believes the same thing. Evolution help us all.


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