Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Democrats Launch Online We-Love-You-Rush Petition

In an effort to reach out to the conservative wing of the citizenry, the Democrat Party has created an online petition where anyone can post their love and encouragement to Rush -- all at the expense of the Party of Donkey! Isn't that cool?

I encourage everyone - well, everyone that likes Rush - to sign the petition and provide all the love and encouragement you can. And in the true spirit of online democrat giving, you can falsify your identity, using names like Mickey Mouse, Tony Romo, and my favorite, Barack Obama.

If you don't like Rush - go ahead and go online too, but you have to provide your real identity. Because only conservatives use fake names when doing stuff on the net.

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Unknown said...

The Dems are upset that Rush said he hoped Obama failed. . . meaning his policies. Rush made this clear. So, I left a message saying that since President Obama is a marxist/socialist and since I still love and cherish our nation's founding principles, I also hope he fails.