Thursday, January 29, 2009

House Dems Pass Depression Stimulus Bill Without GOP

The House GOP, showing the kind of maverick behavior we wish John McCain had, unanimously thumbs-downed the $819B Government Stimulus bill, which passed with overwhelming Democrat support. I suppose the true mavericks were the 11 Democrats who campaigned on a conservative fiscal policy and actually voted that way. They certainly won't be invited to Barney Frank's "We Are The Champions" Stimulatus Bill victory gala (guest vocalist Freddie Mercury had to back out at the last minute because he's dead).

President Obama, basking in the glow of his partisan victory, which costs more than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined, said that the income redistribution bill will "save or create more than three million new [government] jobs over the next few years."

I'm confused by the President's uncharacteristic lack of hyperbole: only "three million new jobs." Why not 30 million? After all, no matter the economic downturn that this bill will certainly accelerate, he can always say he saved 30 million jobs.