Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi: Taxpayer-funded sex good for economy

Yesterday, Madame Pelosi admitted to stashing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the stimulus package to fund birth control for the 1% of teenagers that actually use them. According to the San Franciscan Madame, "family planning" - which is guaranteed by the First Amendment freedom of speech, mind you - costs states lots of money, and if we could give those states a crapload of condoms, then all the poor people (you know, the ones who would use condoms if only they could afford the 35 cents but they can't because they just spent their paycheck on lottery tickets) wouldn't be having so many unwanted welfare babies that somehow missed the abortion mills because of evil intolerant right wingers who instituted these crazy laws requiring parental consent and ultrasounds. Just think of the money that states would save by spending all this money!

What is this administration's fetish with sexual intercourse and the responsibility-free exercise thereof?

"Stimulus" - there's a word I'll never view in its original meaning ever again.