Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama to Minimum Wagers: Get Your Social Security Payments Now!

Critics of the Government Growth Stimulus Bill were out in force today, complaining about the massive expansion of the the federal government in the 1,071-page bill. "We've only made it to page thirteen, and the government has already taken another huge chunk of private health care, raised taxes on those who are hiring employees, and has taken the remaining one percent of the porn industry in which the Democrats and Larry Craig didn't previously participate.", cried John Boehner (R-OH!).

Certain aspects of the complaints made it to the President's prodigious ear. When confronted by the fact that millions who work will get a refund larger than they actually paid in taxes, the Prez smugly replied, "Don't forget - they pay Social Security taxes too." (He really said that.)

So a warning to all you minimum-wagers out there, check out your next account update from the Social Security Administration. You might find out that the cool wide screen TV you just bought came out of your Social Security Trust Fund.

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AZ Leroy said...

A chicken in every pot, in every kitchen, in every 800K home, bought by every minimum wager with a sub-prime loan! Just don't make 250K a year and buy that 800K home, because some how that means you haven't been paying your fair share.