Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama: We'll sacrifice the Poles and Czechs

President Obamulus, ruler of the free world, has decided to drop the Poles' and Czechs' pants, uh, missile defense systems, in exchange for Russia to covertly screw us over Iranian nukes. This is a dramatic departure from previous foreign policy positions, such as the Bush Administration's, which required Russia to screw us out in the open like all our other enemies do.

"I'm calling for a summit of all our friends amongst the free world - Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and China - to join me in a global call for Iran to halt their nuclear ambitions and to join the rest of us as we attempt to harvest clean coal, solar and wind power.", said the Exulted One.

Requests for comments from the Vice President were not returned. Aides say he's busy perusing the phone book searching for the world wide web.

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